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Who we are

We are a small, agile, curious and passionate team, with a strong expertise in customer behavior and expectations, mastering the engagement and loyalty funnel, bridging added value and creative approaches.


What we do

We have heaps of experience with the direct support of sales objectives, either in Print or Digital, and combine this with a strong knowledge of POS and field activation, integrating all aspects of fulfilment and logistic.

We develop and manage Engagement programs, Loyalty and After Sales Programs, Activations (brand, promo, social … ), CRM programs and social campaigns.

Oh, and on a quick note, here at Your Agency we consider digital as a media. No more. But certainly not less either.


“ There are no more rules.
Exception is the new rule! ”


“ Satisfied consumers are
a brand's biggest asset and
growth potential! ”


We strongly believe that the consumers are at the center of the planning (and not the product anymore). And rather than feverishly searching for new consumers, we urge advertisers to privilege their already existing consumer base, one by one! By leveraging this untapped gold mine of (satisfied) customers, advertisers will further develop their brand.

Your Agency will help you to drastically improve the total consumer experience, starting from the consumer, not as mass but as a collection of individuals, challenging key touch points – including advertising or the product itself - and creating a positive experience for each consumer.

And this asterisk we display everywhere? It's is our own reminder that there are no fine prints in a real relation, every single detail counts!


Power Of Brows

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Power Of Brows

Launch the Maybelline eyebrow make-up range on the Belgian market.

Response : We discover on Facebook that women aren't comfortable with their eyebrows. But they aren't used to make up them. That's why it's complicated to launch eyebrow make-up on the belgian market.

The creative idea is "POWER OF BROWS". Indeed, eyebrows are the power of the eyes.

Eyebrow make-up is a new trend, so women need to see it to believe it. That's why 10 fans were invited to review the product.

Also, women don't know how to choose it and how to use it. That's why we help them with professionals advices and tutorials.


  • Reviewers adopted the product.
  • More than 200.000 users on the website.
  • Unexpected number of downloaded e-coupons.
  • The best Maybelline launch of the year.

Mons 2015

Capitale Européenne de la culture

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Mons 2015

The official website is the cornerstone of Mons 2015’s digital universe.


  • Present the rich and eclectic program
  • Tell the story of Mons 2015: Why? What? How?

We wanted to build more than an agenda. We wanted to show Mons from multiple perspectives.

  1. The agenda - The official perspective: The agenda is designed in order to focus on what to see / do now. Long lasting events were are separated from short term events so you can plan your trips and get the most out of it. Besides the programme, you can also find all practical information and get a taste of the city of Mons.
  2. The Webzine - The in-depth perspective: Background and ‘behind the scenes’ articles made by an editorial team composed by journalists, students, Mons 2015 ambassadors
  3. The social wall - Mons 2015 through they eyes of the visitors: This social hub gathers all experiences shared on social platforms using #Mons2015.

In terms of design, we wanted to focus on content. The website has to be at the service of the content. Minimalism was key. The strong visuals helped us to gain attention of the visitor and take him on a trip through the programme. As Mons 2015 manages the content we wanted to give them full control on the final result. We made a flexible canvas for them to use.

We made it responsive. On desktop and tablet, all the content is available for planning your trip to Mons and get the full picture of what Mons 2015 is all about. The mobile version focuses on events.

Take the tour on and don’t forget to go to Mons 2015 while you still can.


Nailed Social Media

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Essie Social Media

essie offers more than 300 different colours.

Our target is emotionally engaged with the brand : Nailistas love it for the large range of color and the quality of the polish.

Briefing :

Create a digital presence for Essie on facebook and instagram page (main communication channel with the consumers).

Build a relationship with their consumers and product’s lovers.

Increase buying frequency.

Response :

We want to show how to get the perfect mani, we want to inspire nailistas.

On Facebook, essie shows the new colours and drives passion. We want our fans to become better nailistas by inspiring them with colour associations.

We want them to claim their nailista'ttitude, so we challenge and reward them for sharing their realization.


e-MOtiOn #5

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Peugeot - e-mag

The online magazine e-MOtiOn introduces its readers to the world of Peugeot, unraveling previews of new models to come, informing them on the services provided by the brand, offering driving tips and much more.

Parts of the magazine are personalized, making it an experience that fits the consumer's expectations and needs.


Social Media Brand

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Social Media Brand

The Maybelline NY social objectives? Attract youngsters, build a relationship, show how to use make-up, highlight innovations and increase shopping basket.

We built the community on Facebook, turning Maybelline NY as the older sister the target has never had, telling her how to put on the make-up, showing trends and innovation and transforming her in the woman she dreamed to be!

The results? In 1 year’s time: more than 80.000 fans, 80% within the target group, 325 posts, a community contribution of 103 posts (30% of the content of the page) and a response rate of 79%!



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Peugeot – MyPeugeot

What's the difference between a Peugeot-owner and all other car owners? MyPeugeot!

This unique platform builds a genuine relationship between Peugeot and its clients from the very moment the order form is signed. By improving the moments of truth in the life of a car and adding value for the consumer to every single point of contact, we improve consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

The consumer, not the brand, is at the center of the attention inside MyPeugeot, turning the act of sale into a consumption experience.

My Peugeot


Go Extreme

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Go Extreme - Power Up Your Selfie

Women do not believe the mascara results shown in advertising: they think “It’s all Photoshop”! How do we convince them this one is different? : By letting them discover by themselves!

The concept? “Power up your selfie with colossal go extreme”: the more votes you get, the more colossal your selfie becomes.

We picked up 2 lucky girls to become our ambassadors and shoot tutorial for a true result with a “no Photoshop campaign”. Real fans created video tutorials to discover the real mascara effect.

Figures? 82% of the traffic comes from user sharing, 1805 shares, 11.895 pictures liked.

Côte d'Or

Official Taster

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Côte d'Or – Official Taster

How can you encourage a consumer which is extremely loyal to its favorite chocolate flavor, to try the many other flavors of the brand? By seducing them to become an Official Taster, a very privileged position!

Members of the community of Official Tasters receive plenty of opportunities to taste each new novelty and share their opinion directly with their beloved brand. Naturally, their efforts are rewarded with exclusive privileges, which they can share with their friends, family and colleagues.

This not only urges them to try new flavors, but also helps them to engage with the brand and even to become an ambassador in the true sense of the word.


Baby Lips

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Maybeline - Baby Lips

The objective? Effectively launch Baby Lips on the market by creating a relevant online buzz. The concept? “The more you kiss, the more you need Baby Lips!”

The target group spend their time on Facebook telling their friends how much they love them. We then created the very first application where you can really kiss your friends…

Results: 22.464 games played, almost 6 games per user, 35% shared the game.


Skin Vivo FB activation

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Biotherm - Skin Vivo

Instead of simply announcing Biotherm's new Skin Vivo product range in Belgium and The Netherlands, we developed an intriguing Facebook application.

Starting from the insight that you're only as old as you look, we made the magical “Mirror, mirror, how old do I look?” come true on Facebook, with the help of the countless participating women who simply could not resist the promise of finding out how young or old they really looked …

Participants were recruited through a modest bannering campaign on beauty and lifestyle blogs, as well as a well-targeted seeding campaign aimed on Belgian and Dutch bloggers. It went viral in no time.


Project Manager

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Project Manager

Title : Project manager

Reporting to : Account director


The project manager has day-to-day responsibility for the smooth and effective running of their projects with a focus on great delivery. To do this you should have great skills in client management, effective project leadership, budget control, project tracking and reporting.


  • Manage and deliver multiple work streams for various types of digital and non digital projects within an account to agreed scope, timings, budget and quality.
  • Work with internal teams to help define project scope, resource requirements and cost estimates for projects.
  • Be the hub of communication for the project – in regular contact with internal and external partners engaged in delivering our product.
  • Be prepared and able to defend your position and your client position internally and externally.
  • Encourage and facilitate collaboration and empower the team.
  • Have a good understanding of the brands you work on – their definitions, their core characteristics, how they should and shouldn’t behave.
  • Understand the key technical aspects of the development process for crm, website, email, online advertising, print etc.
  • Create robust and realistic cost documents in our internal management tool.
  • Produce and follow realistic timings with clearly flagged milestones.
  • Know when to delegate upwards and raise the alarm at the right time, to the right people when issues occur.


  • Learn to develop creative and technical judgement and strive for the best work every time
  • Ensure you are driving quality at every stage of the project.
  • Be eager to do better and better and better again.


  • Make it your business to learn as much as possible: reading relevant blogs and articles, attending training sessions, talking to experts and taking an interest generally in what is going on around you.
  • Be plugged in to new trends and developments across the industry and particularly within the client’s sector.
  • Understand the different types of available and emerging media, including constraints and opportunities presented by each.
  • Understand what makes a good piece of marketing.


  • Be positive and a force for good in the team – even when faced with difficult problems.
  • Be solutions minded.
  • Remain calm under pressure.
  • Be prepared to muck in on areas outside of your immediate scope. This means sharing resources, helping on other accounts, taking part in pitches or managing internal initiatives.
  • Do not sing too loud.
  • Do what you love and love what you do.

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