Mission Peugeot SUV 5008

When Peugeot launched their new SUV 5008, they claimed it would make you discover a new dimension. The goal for the pre-launch VIP program was to emphasize this statement to prospects so that they would know what it actually means.

Mission Peugeot SUV 5008

This is the story of putting a car into perspective.

Through the entire VIP program, we made people discover this new dimension. For the big reveal, we designed a special escape game for our best fans to discover the brand-new model.

To make sure they would really discover it, they had to test all its features to go through with their escape mission. Once they completed their mission, a door would open and they would have to follow the path to test drive the new SUV Peugeot 5008.

The after movie made for this event was then used in most of our communications to show the new dimension of the vehicle. They then just had to hit the road driving it…and they did!




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