Peugeot e-208 event

Peugeot was getting ready to launch the new e-208, the electric version of its emblematic compact.

Peugeot e-208 event

How should we demonstrate the qualities of Peugeot’s new electric vehicle?

We are convinced that the best way of enjoying all the advantages of electric vehicles is to test drive them. To enable potential customers to discover this new vehicle under the best conditions, we proposed an exclusive event to Peugeot. We recruited customers who had shown their interest in this model as well as professionals. 130 people were able to test drive the vehicles during the 5-day event.

For an unforgettable experience, we booked the Brabant Hal in Leuven. The visitors began their test drive on a futurist indoor track. This lit-up track had all kinds of effects to create total immersion: smoke machines, video projections, sound effects… The experience was revelatory and emphasised the benefits of an electric engine: surprisingly silent operation, no ambient pollution, versatile driving…

After having driven the first metres in the exhibition hall, the test drivers followed a slalom course in the car park before joining the public road to test the vehicle under real-life conditions. In the car, a Peugeot adviser answered questions and explained the various onboard technology.

After the test drive, visitors were offered a meal and a drink. By the end of this event, more than 10% of attendees purchased a vehicle.




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