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Communication strategy

Identifying targets, objectives and constraints, defining plans and communication channels, activations and managing social networks and content.

Creative strategy

Market analysis and defining a position, objectives and targets. Formulating a promise to get across to targets, the tone of voice and the constraints.

Social Media strategy & campaigns

The engagement rate on social networks is crucial for your campaigns’ success. To boost it, a solid strategy is essential. We ensure that we identify the objectives of your marketing plan to determine the social networks to activate and the nature of the content offered, all supported by a powerful and relevant media plan.

Creative design

Our creative team defines a central theme which holds a promise. Several approaches are envisaged and defined in collaboration with the customer. Once the creative project has been validated, it is produced and finalised by us.

Conversion tactics

Eliminating friction and simplifying the user journey to optimise the
conversion rate.

Loyalty programmes

Recruiting a new customer takes 5 times as much investment as fostering the loyalty of an existing customer. Also, loyal customers become ambassadors. Fostering loyalty is therefore a key challenge in our strategy. Because trust is acquired over the long term, we ensure that we create value at each interaction with the consumer.

Activations (brand, promotion, social media)

In an overloaded communications environment, we fragment audiences to enable each consumer to speak. Activation enables this special interaction between the brand and its targets, so that conversion and loyalty are facilitated.

Relational marketing

All our approaches are based on relational marketing. We thus give life to bilateral experiences and communications. The target’s involvement is thereby drastically improved.